Canvas Tents

Semi marquee tents
Weatherproof; UV, rot & mildew resistant tent.

Ideal for functions and outdoor venues.
5m x 5m, and 5m x 10m size options.

All our products are manufactured to international quality standards and carry a 2 year warranty.


These tents are ideal for functions and outdoor venues, providing weather cover for larger groups of people.

Manufactured from 400 gsm Rip Block™ canvas, Shades Ahead offer 2 sizes of semi marquee tent – 5m x 5m, and 5m x 10m (ground measurements). There are no windows, as the walls can be hung in either half or full cover position, creating air flow as needed.

The marquee’s main entrance(s) can be situated on any corners for optimal traffic, and a vented roof prevents a build up of hot stuffy air. Poles, guy ropes and detailed instructions are included. These tents are not supplied with groundsheets.