Canvas Tents

Modular tents
Weatherproof; UV, rot & mildew resistant tent.

Ideal for bush and safari camps.
Modules extend tent area.

All our products are manufactured to international quality standards and carry a 2 year warranty.


These tents are modular in design, allowing sections to be fitted together depending on space required. Due to this versatility these tents are very popular with safari bush camps and other tented accommodation.

Manufactured from 400 gsm Rip Block™ canvas, each module measures 1.75m x 3.5m (ground measurements). There are 2 opposing side windows, fitted with insect gauze and weather flap, and the doorway is typically the entire width of the tent.

Our module tents are fitted with a vented roof and flysheet for optimal air circulation, and a groundsheet is built into the construction.