Discontinued Patio Range

Ideal for outdoor furnishings, this (discontinued) patio range is water, oil, mould and grime repellent due to its Teflon and fungicide treatments on the tear-resistant acrylic fabric.

Care and cleaning: Periodic washing at 40° is recommended, as soiling will enable mildew and mould to grow. Use the recommended proprietary detergents to ensure that the finish  is not damaged during washing. A warm iron is recommended after washing.

Capri Lime

Capri Rust

Capri Beige

Sardina Tan

Sardina Sea Blue

Sardina Rust

Sardina Turquoise

Ponza Sea Blue

Ponza Grey

Regatta Marine

Regatta Green

Rib Rio Marine

Rib Rio Beige

Capri Marine

Everglade Summer