Patio Range

Manufactured from a solution dyed acrylic, this range has a Teflon fabric protector making it water, oil and general soil repellent.

This finish will not be affected by proprietary detergents and therefore can be washed at 40 degrees. A warm ironing treatment after washing is recommended.

Included is a fungicide to protect the material from mildew and mould, however, both will grow on soiling on the fabric, so periodic washing is recommended. With all these great properties, this is a most ideal outdoor furnishings option.

Colonade Aqua

Colonade Black Ice

Colonade Summer

Colonade Spring

Sundowner Magenta

Sundowner Green

Sundowner Navy

Sundowner Twilight

Plain Beige

PlainĀ Green

Plain Dark Blue (1)

Plain Dark Blue (2)

Plain Rust

Proof Grey Ice

Proof Charcoal

Proof Lite Deva

Proof Lite Peter Blue

Pavilion Aqua

Pavilion Deva