Vertical Blinds

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Vertical blinds offer an affordable and convenient way to cover large expanses of glass such as sliding doors, glass walls and wide windows. They are incredibly versatile, allowing you to tilt the vanes open to allow in as much light and view you prefer, as well as a full block out option when closed or pull them aside to allow in full sunlight.

W 4 Black

W 4 Spruce

W 4 Charcoal

W 4 Ivory

W 4 Ocean Blue

W 4 Ruby

Bijou Aluminium

BijouĀ Emerald

Bijou Garnet

Bijou Sand

Bijou Turquoise

Shantung Biscuit

Shantung Ivory

Shantung Grey

Shantung White

Shantung Marine

Vogue Garnet

Vogue Turquoise

Vogue Azure

Vogue Emerald

Vogue Green

Vogue Onyx

Vogue Sand

Vogue Silver Fish

Flame Kalahari

Flame River Sand