Shade ports for your car, customers and goods

Shades Ahead provide two types of carport solution, both with excellent levels of protection and a range of designs, offering not just functionality but aesthetic appeal as well.  Our products shield your vehicle from the damaging effects of sunlight, rain and hail, and limit the formation of early morning dew on paintwork. All our carport options can be constructed as single or multi parking bays, and can be custom-sized to exact requirements.

This is a lightweight, cost-effective carport solution, comprising a shade cloth canopy supported by a robust steel framework in either a cantilevered or 4-post configuration. Customers may choose from a wide range of highly UV-stabilized polypropylene shade netting colours.

Shade ports can also be used for bus, boat and other vehicle cover, as well as provide shelter for queue locations and sports field seating.

Chromadek is a light, strong metal sheet used in roofing. It has a zinc coating for durability, and is finished with developed UV-stabilized paints for colour fastness. This carport option provides significantly more protection than shade ports, in the event of, for example, falling branches.

Chromadek can also be used for patio roofing and other outdoor areas requiring cover. We do not roof houses.

  • dome-topped
  • ridge-topped
  • curved
  • straight
  • cantilevered
  • pillared
  • wall mounted
  • free standing
  • portable
  • fixed
  • sealed structures
  • 2 year guarantee

Manufactured at our premises to your specifications from high quality materials, our carports are guaranteed. Shades Ahead can also re-cover, repair and repaint existing structures that are in need of refurbishment.