Life under canvas needn’t be roughing it

Shades Ahead provide two types of carport solution, both with excellent levels of protection and a range of designs, offering not just functionality but aesthetic appeal as well.  Our products shield your vehicle from the damaging effects of sunlight, rain and hail, and limit the formation of early morning dew on paintwork. All our carport options can be constructed as single or multi parking bays, and can be custom-sized to exact requirements.

From small family camping holidays to luxury commercial safari operations, from industrial workforce requirements to temporary emergency shelter, the Shades Ahead range of tents cater to all needs. Our tents are manufactured to our own designs using RipBlock™ canvas and PVC fabric, supported by iodized steel frameworks and nylon guy ropes. Built-in hard wearing groundsheets provide protection from creepy-crawlies, water and dirt, and all doors and windows feature double-seamed mesh screens to allow for air flow while keeping out insects and dripping water.

Custom designs include separate bedrooms, shower and kitchen areas, and extendable awnings allow for comfortable outdoor seating. The robust construction of our products, in a range of colours and using only high quality components throughout, ensures years of protection from harsh weather conditions.

Manufactured at our premises to your specifications from high quality materials, our carports are guaranteed. Shades Ahead can also re-cover, repair and repaint existing structures that are in need of refurbishment.